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WW Melbourne: Alex Intas with Winters


Launching our brand new rotation of shows broadcasting every week from Melbourne and Brisbane, Alex Intas has a guest mix from Parallel People affiliated producer Winters, alongside brand new music from Vulture Street Tape Gang, AcidSlop and Erika de Casier.

Listen now Tracklist

Vulture Street Tape Gang – Cunny (Wondercore Island, 2019)
Slick Rick – Children’s Story (Demo) (Def Jam, 2019)
Bob James – Nautilus (CTI, 1974)
Kuzich – Another Thing (Mandarin Dreams, 2019)
Erika de Casier – Photo Of You (Independent Jeep Music, 2019)
Devin Morrison – No (NBN Records, 2019)
Average Rap Band – Pizza Man (Self-Released, 2016)
Tebir – Fragrance (Self-Released, 2018)
AcidSlop – Freedom to Talk (Mandarin Dreams, 2019)
Sonja Ryshard – Step Back (Rock The House Records, 1987)
Junior – If Ever (London Records, 1988)
Gemini – Can’t Throw Away A Good Love (
Vulture Street Tape Gang – Lover’s & Friend’s (Wondercore Island, 2019)
Winters – Flying (Self-Released, 2016)
Winters – Dedication (Parallel People, 2017)

*** Winters Guest Mix ***

Rov Ve – Gotta Go By What You Tell Me (Home Of The Brave, 1990)
Cornelius Oliphant – I Love You (Knockout Records, 1991)
Peter Hunningale – Untamed Love (Cosmic,1986)
Prime Cut – Stay Right There (California Gold, 1983)
Slick Rick – Teenage Love (Demo) (Def Jam, 2019)