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WW Moscow: Ilya Rasskazov


Get ready for a 2-hour selection of music made in Russia and beyond. Join a journey ranging from Soviet jazz and fusion classics from the 90s and 00s right through to today’s upfront tunes on WW Moscow with Ilya Rasskazov of Headz.FM.

Listen now Tracklist

Boora – Intro (HHV)

Kelvin Sholar Trio – Infernal Dance Of King Kashei (Kasmavtsu)

Makar Novikov – Jazzmashin (Rainy Days)

Brother G – Stress Relief (Carpet & Snares)

MSRG – Cifraquatic (Analog Concept)

Bop – NDE (Hospital)

4-й энергоблок – Предел (So-So Audio)

Dirty Owl – Arone (Sitdownanddance)

SH2000 – Void (Main Mix) (Volking)

Misha Sultan – Kaleidoscope (DIG)

Ambidextrous – Fozamo (Fantasy Enhancing)

Anderdog – Clean (Mestnost)

Boora – Dedication 2 (HHV)

LTF – I Loop You (Rucksack)

масло черного тмина – elimai

Anton Kubikov – Letters To Spring (bandcamp)

Scruscru – Who Has The Jazz? (Omena)

Lipelis X AC – Central Store (Running Back)

Proxy & DZA – Hater (Compass Vrubell Remix) (Mako)

Low Tide – Track 1 (bandcamp)

Sapurra – Feeling + (Artreform)

Vesha – Fuck On Me & Call Me (Jazzve)

Phil Gerus – Too Close To Love (What’s Your Addiction) (Phil Gerus)

Kito Jempere – Et Que Je Dorme (Andras Remix) (KIto Jempere)

Ready In LED – Feel (Kenneth Bager Remix) (Horny City)

Anastasia Zems – Karabhah (ИДА)

ATAVIST – VDNH Sunrise (ver.3.3) (unreleased)