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WW Nairobi: TAIO with Abaki Simba (Live), Mvroe (Live), EA Wave (Live), DJ coco em

First broadcast date: 16 October 2017

We head to Nairobi to discover the freshest and most exciting sounds coming out of Kenya’s capital, with live sessions, interview and DJ sets.

WW Nairobi was recored live at ADA Creative Studios, Nairobi’s underground recording studio, home to a collective of musicians and producers based Nairobi.


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Taio is a renowned Nairobian DJ, rapper, sound engineer, producer and founding member of East African super group, Camp Mulla,

Abaki Simba

Abaki Simba are a troupe of Kenyan percussionists, MCs, musicians, dancers, acrobats and vocalists, seeking to integrate a message of unity through their music and performance.


Mvroe is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, whose contemporary hip hop sound blends together trap, hip hop, rnb, electronic and even some dancehall.

EA Wave

EA Wave is a collective of five artists: Ukweli, Jinku, Hiribae, Nu Fvnk and Mvroe. Cutting across genres, they fuse influences of afro, electronic, funk, RnB and hip hop into a unique and vibrant show with electronic midi instruments and keyboards, vocals, and bass.

DJ coco em

DJ coco em is a DJ based in Nairobi, Kenya, specialising in old and new school hip hop and experimental sounds. Her eclectic sets, which dive into the Nairobi and Kenya sound, have earned her residencies at Nairobi’s most prominent venue, the Alchemist.

Photography Cherry Black
Produced by Zipporah
Sound engineer/recording/mixing: Dylan-S
Filming and edit: Hutchery Studios


Abaki Simba

Rise Up

All released on ADA records


Mvroe ft Kiwango – Freaky
Mvroe – Honesty [forthcoming]

EA Wave

Tikk Music – Nahual (EA WAVE REMIX) [unreleased]
Ukweli – Little Secret (Don Hatthaway Flip)
Nu Fvnk – Cafe Mambo
Nu Fvnk – I Wanna Know

DJ coco em

Jinku ft Charles Bodo – Mielamiela (Original Mix) (01:13:25)
Hiribae – Something better than sex on the beach (01:15:33)
Blinky Bill – Kwani iko nini (01:17:44)
Moseh Drummist – Ngoma Cuieto (01:19:59)
Kato Change & Winyo (Riot Stereo & Suraj remix) – Abiro (01:22:17)
Suraj – Wawere (01:24:20)
Nu fvnk ft Jinku – You (01:28:20)
Juliani ft Ukoo Flani – Fanya tena (01:31:15)
Kalamashaka ft Kantai – Confessions of a gangster (01:33:49)
Kalamashaka – Sina makosa (01:34:47/35:09)
Johnny Vigetti ft Abbas and Sati -Nairobi (01:37:48)
PBE ft. Big Mic & Benady – Wale Wabaya (01:41:00)
Kapela – Grindin (01:43:00)
Nu Fvnk – Honest (01:44:25)
Tunji – Mats za Ronga (01:45:31)
Booker – Jo (Mr Lu Edit ) (01:49:33)
Barak Jacuzzi ft Shappaman – Tena (01:51:24)
The Mighty Cavaliers – Dunia ina mambo (01:53:14)
Nu Fvnk – Kick Uyu (01:55:42)
Winyo – Odongo (01:59:38)

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