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WW New Delhi: DJ MoCity with Stain


For the 5th New Delhi rotation, DJ MoCity invites Delhi-based producer Stain for an on-air chat about the release of his recent EP Demon Child on Bandcamp Day, some lockdown stories, a guest mix and a B2B.

You can also expect some forthcoming music from various Indian labels, covering a variety of sounds.

Listen now Tracklist

Chapter One – Dj Mocity 


Dubvisionist Meets Dubblestandart & Firehouse Crew – Fly Me To The Moon [Echo Beach]

Stalawa – Rather Be Alone (Ft Nazizi) [White Peach Records]

Hortense Ellis – People Make The World Go Round [Studio One]

Khruangbin – Summer Madness [Late Night Tales]

Dolorblind  – Wind To The Moon [Taabiir]

Supasaiyan. – Blueprint [Smho Wal]

Parimal Shais – Sgnirts Hole [Noosphere Network]

Unfuckman – Boprebop1 [Unreleased]

Shamik – Gaali [Independent]

John Frusciante – Reach Out [Planet Mu]

Alllone & B.Visible – Might Delete Later [Matches Music]

Parimal Shais – Kuyilile Thedi X Metaled (Parimal Shais Remix) [Independent]

Fatima & Joe Armon-jones Band – Only (Live From Maida Vale) [Brownswood Recordings]

Sarathy Korwar & Upaj Collective – Flight Ic 408 [Night Dreamer]

Maisha – Open The Gates [Brownswood Recordings]

Subatomic Sound System – Shaolin Dub (Water Version Pt.1) [Subatomic Sound]


Chapter Two – Stain Interview + Guest Mix 

Stain – Get Me Home [Independent]
Stain – Godmother [Independent]
Stain – Don’t Die [Independent]
Stain, Namrata Nath, Nitin – Id [Unreleased]
Coki – Bass And Trumpet
Flux Vortex – Rabble Rouser [Unreleased]
Naar – In The Name Of [Unreleased]
C4ge – Ulal [Unreleased]
Traces – Illuminate
Stain – Id [Unreleased]
Stain X Bamboy – Id [Unreleased]
Stain – Retrospect [Independent]
Stain – Teacher [Independent]
C4ge – Revival [Kaali Duniya Remix] [Unreleased]
Kartik – Id [Unreleased]
Ankan – Dung Chen [Unreleased]
Stain – Liar At The Altar [Independent] 


Chapter Three – Dj Mocity 

Schlachthofbronx – Shell (Ft Doubla J) [Zam Zam Sounds]

Electric Jalaba – Cubaili Ba [Strut]

Jayhaan  – Bad Girl (Ft. Adi) [Ghelo]

Yung Singh – Bheer X Ladbroke Grove (Yung Singh Edit) [Independent]

Roska – Fresh & Clean (Ft Serocee)  (Zeds Bias Remix) [Rks]

Derain – Dirt [Krunk Kulture]
Sir Spyro – Bruce Wayne
Commodo – Shift (Instrumental) 

Two Rangers – Leng Pon Sirius [Deep Medi Music] 

Abhi Meer – The Tryst [Boxout.Fm Recordings]

Yung.Raj – Lokomotif [Krunk Kulture]

Echofloat – Lifeat160 [Noosphere Network]