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For the latest broadcast from New Delhi, DJ MoCity picks music from India and the middle east, easy listening vibes. All the music is available on bandcamp you can directly support the artists if you like what you are hearing!

New Year, new broadcast. Live and direct from New Delhi, India. DJ MoCity showcasing some forthcoming music from India and north africa. Also some feel good music from all across the world. Two hour packed show, new music from Nicola Cruz, Yung Raj, Guedra Guedra, Piya Malik, Shreya, Vzline & much more. Also a big world exclusive premiere of our next single from Goa based duo Merak. Track titled “Multicolored Dreams” this will be the first single on BFM Recordings in 2021.

Listen now Tracklist

Aint About Me – Happiness Is A Long Equation

Jordon Alexander – Sitting On The Grass (In Mushroom Kingdom) [Independant]

The Revolutionaries – Kunta Kinte [Pressure Sounds]

Merak – Multicolored Dreams [Boxoutfm Recordings]

El Búho X Alex Hentze – Amanueces Del Espíritu (Feat. Dominique Hunziker) [Wonderwheel Recordings]

Vanilla – Surfin’ Summer [Cold Busted]

Scratchclart – Do Ur Best [Feat. Orion Sun] [Allyall Records]

Syrup – Lo(W) (Instrumental) [Melting Pot Music]

Ajax Tow – So What Feat. Medline & Dj Marrrtin [Stereophonk]

Jiony – Cotorra Serrana Occidental [Shika Shika]

Altered Crates & Flowervillain – Rose Tinted Ice Cream [Altered tapes]

Mimosa – Beacon (Original Mix)  [Independant]

Madvillain – Supervillain Theme (Instrumental) [Stones Throw Records]

Apifera – Four Green Yellows [Stones Throw Records]

Shreya – Loop [Opposition]

Sadevillain – Air  [Independant]

Nuelectronica – Jazz In The Clouds (Guru Tribute) [Independant]

Jake Milliner – Juno (Feat. Fr1th, Marcus Tenney & Charlie Allen) [Melting Pot Music]

Lapgan – The Guru [Electrocaïne]

Fuzzculture – Brief Encounters [Independant]

Jael – Catching Feels [Studio Koto] 

Madvillain – Accordian [Stones Throw Records]

Danger Doom – Benzie Box (Ft. Cee-lo)

Ezzyland – Bombs (Sid Vashi Remix) [Independant]

Ape Suit – Beat 1 (Original Mix) [Muti Music]

Okedo – Fairy Land [Stamp The Wax]

El Michels Affair – Murkit Gem (Ft. Piya Malik) [Big Crown Records]

Vzline – In The Dark [Independant]

Nicola Cruz – Individuality Riddim [Rhythm Section International]

Spryk – Reaching The Apex [Skip-a-beat]

Three Oscillators – Transcendence [Bare Recordings]

Sault – I Just Want To Dance [Forever Living Originals]

Denise Chaila – Chaila [Narolane]

Pa4an – Stasis – Kromestar Remix Instrumental [4ncy]

Moonbase – Famous Dex Ft. A$Ap Rocky – Pick It Up (Moonbase Edit) [Independant]

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays Digital Mystikz Version [Independant]

Guedra Guedra – Seven Poets [On The Corner]

Kode9 – Rona City Blues [Hyperdub recordings]

Yung Raj – Blindspot [Bare Recordings]