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WW Palestine: Radio Alhara present AS AA S أساس


Tune in for a show from the Radio AlHara crew coming to you live from Palestine.

In a project inspired by Radio il Hai (Beirut) and Radio Alhuma (Tunis), a community radio station has emerged in a time of boredom, worry and isolation. With roots in Bethlehem and Ramallah, Radio AlHara aims to provide a collective online space for a global audience – a platform for listening, discussion and togetherness.

On this month’s show, the focus is on AS AA S أساس which an independent platform spotlighting the best electronic and experimental musicians from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

Tune in and enjoy sets from Tunisian producer, DJ and percussionist Nuri, mixing organic African sound and voice with electronic beats.

The second mix comes from Palestinian electronic musician and sound designer, 00970 who music by using sampled material, field recordings topped with industrial textures.

We continue with Asifeh (Stormtrap) who is a producer and rapper based between Vienna and Ramallah. He works with abandoned technologies, vinyls, and vocals to create his sound which goes from ambient to hip hop to noise.

And last but not least DJ and producer Bashar Suliman takes the lead.

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