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WW Poland: Naphta


WW Poland week goes on with Naphta, Wroclaw-based musician, producer and DJ. Tune in for an hour mix to hear him blend grooves from all over the world, the slickness of disco-oriented house/techno music and free jazz creativity (with Sun Ra as his guide), with p-funk synths, wild guitars and afrobeat thrown in for a good measure.



Listen now Tracklist

In Twilight’s Embrace – Zaklęcie [Left Hand Sounds]
EABS – Przywitanie Słońca (Rytuał) [Astigmatic Records]
Vojto Monteur – Where I Come From [V-Records]
Olo Walicki & Jacek Prościński – Reno [Gusstaff Records]
Jaromir Kamiński – Joyful Dub [Polena Recordings]
Niemoc – Bluetooth (TAMTEN dub mix) [unreleased]
Sosky – Cotton Aquarium [Polena Recordings]
Astro Buhloone – Wayback [unreleased]
Dextre & Verlake – B2 [unreleased]
Dj Duch – Atak Ligi Trezonatu [unreleased]
Eltron – Iskierka [Oramics]
Lua Preta – Noemia [U Know Me Records]
Naphta – Grand Coven [Pointless Geometry]
Solar Drums – Untitled [unreleased]
Solar Drums – Untitled [unreleased]
Sept – Jacob Untamed [unreleased]
BreakJanek 60 & Dygnitarz 808 – Słoń w składzie [Father And Son Records & Tapes]
Lowhitey – Untitled 5 [unreleased]
Gaijin Blues – The Mining Town Of Kakariko [forthcoming Shapes Of Rhythm]
Gaijin Blues – Greif, the Aftermath and A Faint Hope [forthcoming Shapes Of Rhythm]