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WW Rio: A Point of View – Kassin and Joao with Antonio Neves


Kassin is one of Brazil’s leading producers, having worked as the musical director at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and as a co-producer of Sonzeira. With his musical partner João Duprat, they present two hours direct from Rio de Janeiro.

They are joined by Antonio Neves, multi-instrumentalist and arranger and the newest trailblazer: the enfant-terrible of Rio’s music scene, leading a vital and diverse constellation of both emerging and well-known artists advancing the city’s musical legacy. His latest album ‘A Pegada Agora É Essa’ is out from Far Out Recordings.

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Los van van – mis dudas -areito

Steve arrington-summertime lovin

Aretha franklin-jump to it

Fatback band-concrete jungle

Liquid liquid-optimo

Stargard- what you re waiting for-

Con funk shun- body lovers

Cameo – your love takes me out

William the blue- bala com bala

Helcio milito-lamento negro-

Antonio neves interview

A pegada agora é essa

Noite de temporal

Luz negra

Jongo no feudo

Michael Pipoquinha e Pedro Martins- desfigurado

Rosinha de valença- zanzibar

Jorge helder-passo o ponto

Claudio Jorge- Capoeira

Vittor santos orquestra- do fogo

Trio ternura-uma sombra na estrada

Bei bei& shawn lee-year of the funky

Los darts-el despertar

Trini lopez-don’t let the sun catch you

Tom lellis-man from tanganyika

Pino palladino blake mills- just wrong

Carlos lyra-voce e eu