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WW Taipei: Sonia Calico with Yellatee and @LLEN


A show from a rising star of the Asian scene, Taiwanese producer and DJ Sonia Calico rolls through for a 2-hour journey of sounds that have inspired her DJ sets and productions.

For this episode, she will be joined by Yellatee and @LLEN.


Yellatee spent loads of his teen period on hiphop music. Born in the super innocent county of Nantou, Taiwan, there wasn’t any rap music or culture there apart from record shops. His first album that blew him away was Old school rap 3 mixed by DJ Grandmaster Flash. The raw texture of the beats makes him spend years to find Technics Turntables and vintage grooves. In 2012, he moved to London to study, and got inspired by multi-cultural music there. Since then, his DJ genre has been altered to various styles, and embraces all kinds of genres whether its new or old.

DJ @llen

@LLEN was playing electronic dance music in Taipei even before there was a bona fide dance scene. Rightfully tagged “Godfather” of electronic dance music in this city via his “Tekno Invasion” radio show (1993), his “Hyper Hyper” club nights at Underground (1994), and his “Finally…the Party”—Taiwan’s first-ever outdoor rave (1995), his impact is indisputable. Even his afternoon “Sunday Sessions” at Opium Den (1998), were the first weekly Drum ‘n’ Bass parties in this city. He has also written articles for magazines, published books, released albums of dance music mixes, founded a group dedicated to organizing rave parties, and worked as a radio host and an MTV program producer. @llen has been invited to DJ at events like Street Parade in Zurich and Rio Parade in Brazil in front of hundreds of thousands of people. He rubs shoulders with the global dance music elite, but keeps his sights and his sound firmly routed to the underground.
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1 比莉/什麼都不必說/曉榮唱片
2 藍心湄/闖/環球唱片
3 午夜告白/陳美玲/百代唱片
4 孫耀威 Eric Suen/愛到發燙/BMG H.K.博德曼音樂
5 楊美蓮/樣樣可愛/海山唱片
6 魔眼 (修復版)/蔡可荔/歌林唱片
7 Jessie 慕潔溪/夜间巡航/歌林唱片
8 安妮/徐瑋/點將唱片
9 電光霹靂舞士/麥潔文/新藝寶唱片
10 林志美/攝石人/新力唱片
11 心思思 (Disco Remix)/許冠傑/新藝寶唱片
12 點解/劉美君/現代唱片
13 林姍姍/連鎖反應(Remix)/華納唱片
14 可憐彼個小姑娘/林蘋/星河唱片公司
15 ECHO/深呼吸(Remix)/豐藝唱片
16 我不是個壞小孩/小蟲(1985)/北聯唱片
17 二十歲的浪漫/藍心湄/環球唱片
18 1990 恰恰恰/胡瓜/寶麗金唱片
19 傳說/Raidas/藝視唱片
20 Electric Girl/Cheung Norman/百代唱片
21 停不了的愛/黎明詩/百代唱片
22 震盪 (Club Mix)/陳秀雯/CBS/SONY (香港)新力唱片
23 蔡立兒/Say U Love Me/華納唱片
24 宏星特攻隊/阿吉仔去做兵/金圓唱片
25 林慧萍/約定/歌林唱片
26 城市少女/來吧跳舞/齊飛唱片(寶麗金唱片)
27 東尼與白熊五人樂隊/快回頭望一望/白熊唱片有限公司
28 愛你不是謊言/吳巧玲/喜瑪拉雅唱片
29 藍櫻/眼中的感情/Pee Tat Pte Ltd
30 杜德偉/危險地帶 (Remix/)華星唱片 1987
31 郭小霖/小霖祕芨(Remix)/新力唱片

DJ @llen’sxmic
1. 青年合唱團 / 青年組曲 序 (第一部) / <諾華唱片>
2. 丘丘合唱團 / 就在今夜 /<滾石唱片 Rock Records>
3. 張艾嘉 / 希望像月亮 /<滾石唱片 Rock Records>
4. 張艾嘉 / 春望 /<滾石唱片 Rock Records>
5. 羅大佑 / 之乎者也 /<滾石唱片 Rock Records>
6. 崔健 / 從頭再來 /<京文唱片>
7. 濁水溪公社 / 愛拼才會贏 + 爛芭樂 /<友善的狗唱片公司 Friendly Dog Entertainment>
8. 黑名單工作室 / 抓狂歌 /<滾石唱片 Rock Records>
9. 葉樹茵 / 傷心無話 /<滾石唱片 Rock Records>
10. 高凌風 / 夏天的浪花 /
11. 羅思容與孤毛頭樂團 / 南無撿破爛菩薩 /<好有感覺音樂 Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd.>