Future Bubblers with Dreya Mac, Odeal and A.G

Selassie and Claudia offer an insight into Future Bubblers, their talent discovery and development programme powered by Brownswood Recordings.

Join the Future Bubblers extra special show today where we will get to hear from Dreya Mac, Odeal and A.G, following the Tommy Jeans x Future Bubblers Music Takes Us Further campaign and listen to their new track. We will also get an introduction to the new Y7 Bubblers cohort and listen to their tracks to get acquainted.

Plumm - Crimson

Ceeow - Sip From a Rose

Romy Nova - Ehyeh

Romy Nova - Fever

Nouria Bah - btsf

Nouria Bah - Don B4

Landel - Thoughts In Abundance

Landel - All What You Love

Jackie Moonbather - Jones on the Phone

Jackie Moonbather - Moon Mode

Ney Liqa - Powertrip

Ney Liqa - Blackout

Coex - Wait a Bit

Coex - Waster

Arli - Shook

Arli - Endure

Pertrelli Purple - Singing

Pertrelli Purple - Out_Colding

Marysia Osu - Meditation III

Marysia Osu - Melting Timbers (Ft. Plumm)

Michael Diamond - Lamentations

Michael Diamond - Emergence

Iman Houssein - Waltz For Virgil

A.G, Dreya Mac & Odeal - Back Home

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