Global Roots Radio: Thris Tian with Birds. // 17-04-20

Global Roots Radio, a weekly dose of experimental, underground music from across all corners of the globe; with independent music and culture at the core. East London based DJ Kate Wilkinson aka Birds. takes over Global Roots in the mix for the final hour. Her set reflects the curiosities and their extremely transcendent nature with low tempo industrial techno, middle eastern hidden gems, high tempo acidic bass lines or something far and between these things. Tracklist:

Ghost In The Tapes Dazed (feat. Julia Shortreed & Sam Gordon) [The Ghost Tapes]

John Carroll Kirby - Anthony Joshua In My House (Anthony Joshua At Home) [Stonesthrow]

Dominique Grimaud - 19 Feedbacks [Discrepant]

Juan Ramos - Master Data Tribute (Ode To A City's Industrial Past) [ESP Institute]

Ian Simmonds feat. The Ekonda Women-Women [Pussyfoot Records]

K-LONE - Cape Cira [Wisdom Teeth]

Filipe Felizardo - ONDNESS is a State of traseiras [Discrepant]

Lorenzo Senni - Canone Infinito [Warp Records]

Psypiritual & The Lasso - Tobe [Mellow Music]

Oscar #Worldpeace - Mmm (feat. Ragz Originale / BenjiFlow) [Worldpeace Records]

Akwetey - Toucans V1.1 [White Label]

Jneiro Jarel - Banana Peel (Cáscara de plátano) Ft. Masauko Chipembere [Farout Records]

Tristan Arp - Circling Music [Banoffee Pies]

Romaal Kutan - Step Inside [Tiffs Joints]

iSooks - Viking's Tale [Black Catlogue]

Cleveland - Ora [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

DJ Havaiana - Cazucuta (Daniel Haaksman Edit) [Man Recordings]

Forest Drive West - Radiance [Delsin Records]

Ilana Bryne - I Used To Love T H E M [Naive]

Aubrey - Distant Object [Dram Diary]

natural/electronic.system - Vespero [Delsin Records]

Aleksi Perala - NLL561908705 [Clone]

Finn - Belle Theme [Ruf Kutz]

Bruise - Portait [Meda Fury]

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