Oto nova Japan 音の波: Mari* with Midori Hirano // 01-04-2019

Mari* is Worldwide FM’s Senior Producer and Gilles Peterson’s longtime radio collaborator, and every month presents a two hour show called ‘Oto Nova Japan’ introducing a new wave of artists and music coming out of Japan. This episode is a Post-Piano Day special celebrating Piano Day, an annual worldwide event founded by a group of likeminded people, it takes place on the 88th day of the year – in 2019 it’s the 29th March – because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated. Mari* brings piano pieces by Japanese musicians and is joined by Midori Hirano, a Berlin-based musician, composer and producer.  Tracklist: http://worldwidefm.net/show/oto-nova-japan-%E9%9F%B3%E3%81%AE%E6%B3%A2-mari-with-midori-hirano/

Hiromi - Oscar’s New Camera [Two Lions]
Kan Sano - Sit At The Piano [origami PRODUCTIONS]
Sibitt & Dairo Suga - Izayoi-uta [VELVETSUN PRODUCTS]
Masaki Hayashi - Cave [SPIRAL RECORDS]
Nobuyuki Nakajima - India Song [Plaza Mayor Company, Ltd.]
Akiko Yano - Denwansen [Wewantsounds]
Akiko Yano - Phone Line [Studio Ghibli Inc]
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Gemrination [MCA Records]
Robert Schumann(ロベルト・シューマン ) - Der Dichter Spricht (Kinderszenen Op.15)
Midori Hirano - Close To Life [Independent]
Midori Hirano - Mirrors In Mirrors [Independent]
Midori Hirano - Mountains [Independent]
Midori Hirano - Secret Aria On The Piano [staaltape]
Harold Budd - The Whispers [Darla Records]
Ryuichi Sakamoto – 1919 [KAB America]
Midori Hirano - Afterglow [Independent]
Tohru Aizawa Quartet - La Fiesta [BBE Music]
Ryo Fukui - Early Summer [We Release Jazz]
Masabumi Kikuchi - PUMU [BBE]
Tadao Hayashi Harp Trio - My Favorite Things [Tadao Hayashi Harp Trio]
Toshiko Akiyoshi - Kisarazu Jinku [STUDIO SONGS]

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