Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume // 04-11-20

Tune in for Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume on Worldwide FM. This month's live sessions feature live development and creation of material with players who have not met before. We support one-another in performing material, and make fresh compositions through live improvisation. This episode also features a special interview with Capitol K about his label Faith & Industry and authenticity in music, plus new singles from Danalogue x Alabaster DePlume ‘I Was Not Sleeping’ LP (Total Refreshment Centre label). Mermaid Chunky (Freya and Moina) – percussion, voice, loops, synths Dunya Botic (Don Kipper) – voice Capitol K – synths and jew’s harp Donna Thompson – drums Yoshino (Yama Warashi) – percussion Alabaster DePlume – sax

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