WW New Delhi: Dam Square and Anirudh Khurana // 19-03-21

For this month's WW New Delhi, DJ MoCity hands over the show for a full takeover by the Motellacast radio team, the show producer Uday Tomar aka Dam Square alongside Anirudh Khurana provide two hours of brand new music from India. Dam Square also known as Uday Tomar is a budding artist born and brought up in Delhi. He started mixing music as a hobby. This hobby turned into his passion when he started to explore the homegrown artists and their music. Uday became part of the underground music movement started by Boxout.fm family in Delhi. He also has a show, M168, on boxout.fm. A finance guy who is currently finishing up with his Finance Degree in Singapore and also trading in the Stock Market. He is a cricket geek and religiously follows cricket day in day out. Emerging from New Delhi, India, Anirudh Khurana is a software engineer and a digital marketer who uses his love of music to curate his radio show, Induced Nostalgia on Boxout FM. tracklist

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