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Worldwide FM is an award winning platform for underground music, culture and stories from around the globe, founded by Gilles Peterson in September 2016. The station is based in East London, with branches in Berlin, Kyoto, Los Angeles, Paris, Rio, Tokyo and beyond.

File-hosting platform WeTransfer help power the new station, whose mission statement is the same as the one running through all of Gilles’ other endeavours, as label-head, DJ and radio presenter: to explore and tie together the shape-shifting diversity of global music.

Respect and equality is foundational to the ethos of this station; we are committed to implementing the best practices in keeping our staff safe and are proud to have transitioned to an operation that pays every member of production staff. We are also committed to offering talent and performers a fair budget when brand or external support is involved. Ultimately, anything gained from collaborations with likeminded organisations goes straight back into the station to maintain and improve equipment and/or create better conditions for the people who work here.

For streaming on Sonos/iTunes or other 3rd party services, you can stream using the below:
UK, Europe and Rest of World
US & Canada

High Quality Stream

For general inquiries or to just let us know you’re listening: info@worldwidefm.net / Facebook / Twitter.
For new music submissions: futurebubblers@worldwidefm.net. Please note that unfortunately we are unable to respond to all emails individually.

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