From indie record stores and online radio stations to DIY music venues and underground club nights, Studio Monkey Shoulder offers a £10k fund to five innovative grassroots music communities worldwide.


In the spirit of fostering diverse music communities globally, Studio Monkey Shoulder, our new grassroots music initiative with Monkey Shoulder Whisky, celebrates the unsung heroes of the worldwide music scene.

From the cosy corners of independent record stores and the lively atmospheres of live music venues to the digital waves of online radio stations and underground scenes. Our goal is to amplify voices that may otherwise go unheard, championing grassroots movements and showcasing the diversity within the industry.

With an investment of £10k and support from Worldwide FM in delivery and content production, we're committed to turning one community trailblazer's passion project into a reality.

If you're based in the UK, Taiwan, India, Nigeria or Miami (USA) and are interested in Studio Monkey Shoulder – HEAD HERE to find out more.

In our launch video for Studio Monkey Shoulder, Gilles caught up with Lex Blondin, the visionary behind the cultural venue Total Refreshment Centre. They discuss the venue's significant impact on London's music landscape. It's precisely the kind of creative space we're looking for with this initiative. Check out the full conversation below.


Kate Hutchinson chats with inspiring voices from the UK grassroots scene. Panellists Alanna - Jazz re:freshed, Lenny Watson - Sister Midnight, alongside Papaoul - Epoka share their insights into London's music scene and the incredible impact of grassroots initiatives.


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