Album Of The Week: Coyote, You're My Star

Dana and Alden

Release Date: 21 June
Label: Sauna Boys

Brothers Dana and Alden McWayne, along with a group of versatile musicians, come together to create jazz-infused melodies with indie vibes, drawing inspiration from their unconventional upbringing in Eugene, Oregon.

The recording, "Coyote, You're My Star," was made with the full band at Jared Solomon’s home in LA. The central piece, "Family Garden," recounts the challenging time when their resilient single mother fell seriously ill, casting their family into a spiral of sickness and despair. Despite the bleak circumstances, they discovered comfort in planting a garden together during the pandemic. Tending to the garden gradually restored their mother's health, marking the end of the years of hardship they endured. This song commemorates their triumph over adversity, the strength of faith in moments of despair, and their rediscovery of nature and traditional customs that had been forgotten. They were honoured to have the talented Melanie Charles narrate their story. Listen in here.

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