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Album of The Week 30 May 2024

NikNak: Ireti

Label: Accidental Records
Release date: 20 May 2024

NikNak, a producer, turntablist, DJ, and broadcaster from Leeds, holds an impressive repertoire of experimental albums & EPs, and remixes that have captivated audiences worldwide, with her enthralling self-released debut album “Bashi” earning rave reviews. In her newest album, she delves into Afrofuturism with the release of 'Ireti'.

"Ireti is a passion project that looks at our growing relationship with tech and AI from an afrofuturistic perspective, and how if we're not careful, we could end up living in dystopian and cyberpunk worlds not too dissimilar from Blade Runner, Akira, Cyberpunk 2077. I'm so grateful to Cassie, AGAAMA, Grifton, Chisara, SlowPitchSound, Accidental Records and everyone that's given Ireti so much love and support - I wholeheartedly appreciate you!" NikNak

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  • 01 - This Pile Of Rubble Is More Human

    02 - You Were Supposed To Be Good
    [feat. Grifton Forbes Amos & Cassie Kinoshi]

    03 - 12000RPM

    04 - Break My Bones

    05 - Mere Data [feat. SlowPitchSound]

    06 - Pandora's Box [feat. AGAAMA]

    07 - Burning Bright

    08 - More Life

    09 - LOAD OUT

    10 - Within Cells

    11 - You've Never Seen A Miracle [feat. Chisara Agor & Cassie Kinoshi]

    Written, produced, arranged and mixed by NikNak (Nicole Raymond)

    Cassie Kinoshi - saxophone on You’ve Never Seen A Miracle and You Were Supposed To Be Good
    Chisara Agor - Lyrics, flute and vocals on You’ve Never Seen A Miracle
    SlowPitchSound - additional turntables and vocals on Mere Data
    Grifton Forbes Amos - Trumpet on You Were Supposed to Be Good
    Agaama - Lyrics, vocals and Moog bass on Pandora’s Box
    Alex O’Donovan - vocal producer and engineer on Pandora's Box

    Recorded remotely and at THIS IS BEAUTIFUL X AIAIAI Studio
    Mastered by Simon Davey at The Exchange
    Artwork by Bimpe Aliu

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