Test Press Club & Worldwide Family Membership

All you need to know about becoming a member of the best station in the world - how about that?! Some handy FAQs, and if you have more burning questions, please drop us a line at [email protected]

Test Press Edition WWFM 001

Worldwide Test Press Club... all you need to know.

The Test Press Club is a limited membership bringing you special white label editions of our favourite curated upfront records every month. Each edition comes stamped and numbered with a booklet comprising exclusive photography and interview material from the artists involved. So far we have released the following records:

WWFM 001 - STR4TA: Aspects LP (Brownswood)
WWFM 002 - Coco Maria: Club Coco (Bongo Joe)
WWFM 003 - Rebecca Vasmant: With Love, From Glasgow (Rebecca's Records)
WWFM 004 - Orquestra Afro Brasileira: 80 Anos (Day Dreamer)
WWFM 005 - Dos Santos - City Of Mirrors (International Anthem)
WWFM 006 - Double Drop II: Edrix Puzzle & Diabolical Liberties (On the Corner)
WWFM 007 - New Horizons: Young Stars of South African Jazz Vol.2 (Afrosynth)

At the beginning of each month we announce the upcoming release and give the opportunity for a few new members to join and current members to leave if they choose.

As a Worldwide Test Press Club member, you also receive all the benefits of Worldwide Family members, including special discounts, access to events, and exclusive content. Plus for the first time you will be supporting the station's presenters directly through your membership! We are plotting some awesome special events in the near future for Test Press Club members so keep your eyes peeled!

The Test Press Club is billed monthly at £25 + shipping.

NEXT TEST PRESS CLUB SPACES OPEN: November 11th from 11am BST.
To join during this window, click here or hit ACCOUNT
at the top of the Worldwide site (or in the Menu on mobile), login, and you can switch plans when slots are available.

Test Press Club Booklet


- Is Worldwide Test Press Club international?
Yes! If we have space, you can join from (almost?) anywhere in the world! Please note that shipping can take longer to reach certain territories.

- Can I leave the Test Press Club at any time?
Of course! We really don't want you to go, but you can cancel you membership at any time. We do manufacture these to order, so if you have paid for the next month's Test Press Club we will cancel your account after this has been produced.

- How do I join the Test Press Club?
Hit the 'ACCOUNT' button at the top of the Worldwide site. If you're signed in you can then join the Premium plan, providing the Test Press Club is open with space!

- When will my Test Press Club release arrive?
For UK members, we aim to get your special edition to you at the end of each billable month. Inevitably, there are occasional delays in the manufacturing and delivery process but we will immediately communicate these to you as and when we learn of them.

- There's something wrong with my Test Press Club release!
Oh no! We will sort this for you, drop us a line at [email protected] and we will always do our best to resolve any issue.

- Why can't I join the Test Press Club now?
We only open the club when there are spaces available at the start of each month - next opening date is November 11th!

Worldwide Family... all you need to know.

The Worldwide Family is our entry level membership of £6 per month, of which 20% is directly split across our non-salaried presenters and broadcasters across the station. We hugely appreciate your support, which goes towards paying for licensing fees, office and equipment costs and wages to keep us in our jobs. Thank you!

In return, we give you discounts and early access to events and festivals, discounts on Worldwide garments and products, discounts on selected independent label releases and exclusive Worldwide Family content. We are always thinking of new offerings to bring our Worldwide Family closer to the platform.

Become a Worldwide Family member here.


- Can I leave the Worldwide Family when I want?
We don't want you to but of course, you can leave at any time before your next payment.

- Does Worldwide Family membership give me greater control of Mixcloud on the website?
Sadly we haven't yet found a way to integrate Mixcloud scrubbing into our own membership product but it's something we are working on.

- I have a problem with my membership?
Please email us on [email protected] and we will do our very best to help!

- Am I going to be sent a membership card?
Yes these are in production and will be with Family members in the next week or so!

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