30 Years of Rage: Fabio & Grooverider // 06-12-19

Fabio and Grooverider, the Godfathers of drum & bass and legends of modern music are joining us in the Worldwide FM studio to celebrate the 30th year of their iconic night RAGE with a 3-hour show. RAGE was a weekly Thursday night party started in 1988 at the height of Acid House fever. In the upcoming years, Acid house evolved into a very different beast in Fabio and Grooverider's hands. In the process they invented one of the first authentically British music genres since punk in the 70s. On the 8th of December, RAGE is returning to its birthplace, Heaven and Fabio and Grooverider will present a very special 3-hour set including RAGE classics and guests. Showpage: https://worldwidefm.net/show/30-years-of-rage-fabio-grooverider/

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