Aesop Radiomatique Mixtapes: Hinako Omori

Aesop and Worldwide FM present Radiomatique Mixtapes - audio cleansers broadcast on Sundays, ideal for those waking up or just getting in. Each presented and curated by a different artist, these hour long shows are invigorating, eclectic and refreshing.

Hinako Omori
is a composer born in Yokohama, Japan, and living in London. Initially trained in classical piano and then later in sound engineering, her acclaimed album 'a journey' was released earlier this year on Houndstooth Recordings. Fascinated by therapeutic frequencies, nature and ambient electronics, Hinako articulates a whole world in binaural field recordings, analogue synthesisers and augmented vocals.

The theme of this Radiomatique Mixtape is connecting with nature and green environments, whether it be a garden space, meadow or forest - listening to the harmony of wildlife, taking in the beautiful scent of flowers, trees, the grass after rain - attunement to the rhythms and cycles of nature, and a reminder to slow down and enjoy the gentle changing of the seasons.

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