Aesop Radiomatique Mixtapes: AUKA

Aesop and Worldwide present Radiomatique Mixtapes - audio cleansers broadcast on Sundays, ideal for those waking up or just getting in. Each presented and curated by a different artist, these hour long shows are invigorating, eclectic and refreshing.

Aesop's Radiomatique Mixtapes continue with AUKA, trombonist and bandleader of all-female Latin ensemble Colectiva. AUKA takes you on a sonic journey around the corners of her ambient, experimental and uplifting influences. Immerse yourself in transcendent sound worlds and natural vibrations as you are invited to recharge, unwind and ground yourself.

Reflecting on the relationship between scent and music, AUKA proposes that to smell is to breath, is to ground, is to remember. To remember is to dream, is to travel, is to exist.

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