Aesop Radiomatique Mixtapes with Kiala Ogawa

Aesop and Worldwide FM present a second season of Radiomatique Mixtapes—audio cleansers broadcast on Sundays, ideal for those waking up, or just getting in. Each presented and curated by a different artist, the hour-long shows are invigorating, eclectic and refreshing.

In the second episode of series 2 of Aesop Radiomatique Mixtapes, Kiala Ogawa hosts an hour of audio cleanse. This special selection of ambient, downtempo soul and jazz music will provide a peaceful moment and good vibrations to revive and reenergise the listener.

Sam Gendel - Misty [Leaving Records]

Masashi Kitamura & Phonogenix - Variation III [Light in the Attic Records]

Susumu Yokota - Hagoromo [The Leaf Label]

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal - Musique de Nuit [ No Format]

Tarika Blue - Dreamflower [Chiaroscuro Records]

Cleo Sol - Don’t let it go to your head [Forever Living Originals]

Lex (de Kalhex) - Second Cycle [Menace]

Rosie Lowe - ITILY [Wolf Tone]

PARASAIL-18 - Huntress [Stonesthrow Records]

Kiala Ogawa - Sketches of Dreams [Beat X Changers]

Kodäma - Watercolor [Saan-kofa Rhythms Records]

Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones - Tinted Shades [Aquarii]

Arthur Verocai - Desabrochando [Tratore]

Erykah Badu - Time’s A Wastin’ [ Motown ]

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