Aesop Radiomatique Mixtapes with Vik Sohonie

Aesop and Worldwide FM present a second season of Radiomatique Mixtapes—audio cleansers broadcast on Sundays, ideal for those waking up, or just getting in. Each presented and curated by a different artist, the hour-long shows are invigorating, eclectic and refreshing.

In the third episode of series 2 of Aesop Radiomatique Mixtapes, Vik Sohonie of Ostinato Records hosts an hour of audio cleanse. This special selection of music from around the world will provide a peaceful moment and good vibrations to revive and reenergise the listener.

  1. Dorpa Band - Qwal (Ostinato Records / Forthcoming) (Sudan)
  2. Meci Bon Dieu - Charlie Rouse (Blue Note) (United States)
  3. Tio Bernar - The Ano Nobo Quartet (Ostinato Records) (Cabo Verde)
  4. Hobalayeey Nabadu! (Hello Peace!) - 4 Mars (Ostinato Records) (Djibouti)
  5. Rapadou - Rodrigue Milien et son Combite Creole (Ostinato Records) (Haiti)
  6. Mariama - Star Band de Dakar (Ostinato Records) (Senegal)
  7. Daweena - Abu Obaida Hassan (Ostinato Records) (Sudan)
  8. Iftin Band - Rooney (Ostinato Records / Forthcoming) (Somalia)
  9. Uur Hooyo (Mother’s Womb) - Danan Hargeysa (Ostinato Records) (Somaliland)
  10. Unknown - Sharaf Band (Ostinato Records / Forthcoming) (Djibouti)
  11. Pantjaran Kasih - Orkes Tropicana (Irama) (Indonesia)
  12. Oleh Priangan - Etty Kusumah (Irama) (Indonesia)
  13. Unknown - Zulfa (No Label) (Somalia)

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