Africa is A Country Radio

Africa Is a Country Radio, the audio accompaniment to the website of the same name, is a monthly deep dive into the music and cultural politics of the African continent and beyond. Hosted by Sierra Leonean-American music producer, DJ, writer, and cultural activist Chief Boima, who is also the managing editor of Africa Is a Country, co-founder of Kondi Band and the founder of the INTL BLK record label. The show features a mix of music and interviews with musicians, historians, journalists, and more. In episode two of this season of Africa Is a Country Radio, our focus on port cities takes us to Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, where Christmas festivities incorporate elements from the unique cultural make up of the islands. The food, forms of celebration, and music, called pargang, particularly draw on the country’s Spanish colonial heritage, and are heavily influenced by its proximity to Venezuela.

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