Africa Is a Country Radio: Chief Boima with Mukoma Wa Ngugi

Africa Is a Country Radio is back with a new season, and over the next six months each show’s theme will be inspired by a different African author’s work.

This month we head to Ethiopia with Kenyan author Mukoma Wa Ngugi, who is set for the release of his most recent work Unbury Our Dead with Song. This novel takes as its source of inspiration the Ethiopian/Eritrean musical genre called the Tizita. So, in the show we will play some music inspired by the literary themes of the book, and talk with Mukoma about his work.

1. Thwhldh Rhdda - Milhnu

2. Wallias Band - Muziqawi Silt

3. Nephews of Fela - Mulah 2

4. Mikael Seifu - Tuff Ruff

5. Abyssinia Infinite - Gedowa

6. Veronica Adane & Negestat - Abay mado አባይ ማዶ

7. K-Khalid ft. Nina Girma - Ethiopiawinete ኢትዮጲያዊነቴ

8. Static Levi - Netsanet (This & That)

9. Teddy Afro - Semberé

10. Teddy Yo ft Joe Lox - Algentaye

11. Tlahoun Gessesse - Alegntaye

12. Hailu Mergia - Tizita

13. Girma Beyene - Set Alamenem

14. Chalachew Ashenafi - Munit

15. Asmara All Stars - Amayo

16. Sancho Gebre & Micky Gonderegna - Leba

17. Bole 2 Harlem - Enseralen Gojo

18. Nipsey Hussle - Hussle & Motivate

19. Cedric Brooks - Ethiopia

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