Africa Is A Country Radio with Chief Boima: Clubbing in Cairo

Africa Is a Country Radio, the audio accompaniment to the website of the same name, is a monthly deep dive into the music and cultural politics of the African continent and beyond. This month, Chief Boima focuses on Cairo.

The theme for this season’s Africa Is a Country Radio is “Clubbing across the Continent” inspired by the Goethe-Institut's Ten Cities project. In episode one, we visit Cairo with Maha El Nabawi, an Egyptian cultural journalist and co-founder of Mada Masr and Discord music magazine, and learn about the history and social geography of the city through the lens of popular music and club culture.

1) Hossam Ramzy - Halloween [Arc]

2) Oka - El Teet feat. Ortega [Self-release]

3) Nadah El Shazly - Palmyra [Nawa Recordings]

4) Abyusif - Ya Man Ana [Modissa]

5) Ahmed Sheba - Alow Labt ya Zahr [Megastar]

6) Aly Hemeida - Lolaki [Mazzika]

7) Warda - Haramt Ahebak [Mazzika]

8) Umm Kulthum - Anta Oumri [Sonodisc]

9) Hassan El Shafei - Qalby Yohadethony feat. Hany Adel [The Basement Records]

10) Mohamed Mounir - Kreeshendo [Sonar Salam]

11) Hamid Al-shaar - Ayonha [Habibi Funk]

12) Ahmed Adaweia - Zahma [Sout El Hop]

13) 50 Cent - In Tha Club (Amr 7a7a Remix) [Self-release]

14) Amr 7a7a - ??? [Self-release]

15) Figo - Wala Wala [Self-release]

16) Sadat El3almy - Kharban feat. Wegz [Self-release]

17) Dina El Wedidi - Ya Badr feat. DJ Totti [The Basement Records]

18) Rime Salmi - Batwanes Beek [MIH Records]

19) Dina El Wedidi - Alive feat. Hussien Shirbini [The Basement Records]

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