African Acid Is The Future: Maryisonacid invites Bamao Yendé & Chabela

Tune in for a monthly show from Berlin party crew African Acid is the Future. From afro to techno, and a lot more in between. An acid trip around Afro rhythms, travelling from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Congo to Ghana, cruising on electronic sounds, cosmic rhythmics and psychedelic vibrations.

This episode Maryisonacid founder or African Acid Is The Future is connecting the dots between Paris and Abidjan, giving a chance for others to show their skills and give a taste of their music vision, as it seems like we can hope a summer with a return or partying and inviting artists to do their thing.

With Bamao Yendé from Cergy/Paris father of “Boukan records” for the first part of the show on an almost in-house productions mix. The second part will be hosted by Chabela fonder of the festival Maquis electronic and key figure of Abidjan nightlife will take you onto a journey of Afro soulful house, electronic and traditional beats. Enjoy this youthful, fierce and groovy two hours journey.

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