Nulu Music and Nulu Electronic label head Anané presents her show on Worldwide FM. She is combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop wise diversity.

DJ, singer/songwriter and label owner takes you on a musical journey expanding from her Cape Verdean roots and the African diasporas to the contemporary Afro House sounds stemming from her imprint Nulu Music.

First Hour (Capo Verde)

1.Djosinha - Nha Xica

2.Mendes Mendes - Riqueza e Valor

3.Vos de Cabo Verde - Saragarca

4.Vos De Cabo Verde - Djeylen

5.Zeze Barbosa - Kal E Bu Sonho

6.Teofilo Chantre - Pais De Mel

7.Entri Spada & Paredi - Finacon

8.Leonel Almeida - Djon A Bo Bai

9.Mirri Lobo - Criola

10.Augusto Cego - Nha Castigo

11.Amadeu Fontes - Bote

12.Bau - Raquel

13.Mendes Brothers - Angola Kuia

Second hour (Afro House)

1.Beatkozina Featuring Diana Feria - Derrumba (Original Mix)

2.DakhaBrakha, Bedouin - Salgir Boyu (Bedouin Rework)

3.Caiiro - Drummotion (The Mike Dunn Movement MixX)

4.Djeff, Rita Mdn, Floyd Lavine - Achkadawi (Floyd Lavine Remix)

5.Doug Gomez - Chibchacum (Main Merecumbe)

6.Dasco - African Power (Original Mix)

7.Scott Pullen - Mombasa

8.Peter Mac, Oscar P - I Like That (Oscar P Remix)

9.Whomadewho, Black Coffee - Silence - Secrets (Black Coffee Remix)

10.Toshi, Timmy Regisford, Gianni Junior - Dark Room (Gianni Junior DaDa Beat

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