Andy Votel’s Niche Market Radio Show: Art School Jazz // 27-02-19

After the year in the wilderness Andy Votel from Finders Keepers Records returns to Worldwide FM with his regular-irregular radio bazar known as Niche Market. Presented live from his existential theoretical record-fair market-stall Votel takes us down some one-way-rabbit holes to the far reaches of those microscopic niches that exist between those tight vinyl record spines. Applying strenuous thinking to tenuous linking finding patterns in the schallplattens and un-garnered genres in the deepest Avant-gardens. And what better a medium to return to form than that of "visual art" for this one-off ART & JAZZ MUSIC SPECIAL. Combining yé-yé with DaDa and twisting op-art into bop-art this Niche Market special hopes to bring new colours to your ear-balls and open your eye-holes to untold sculptures sonores. Welcoming one-and all, in-the-stall for the latest in-stall-ment. Art For Art Sake / Music For Gods Sake... Design On The Dotted Line...The creator has a master plan chest.

Brussels Art Quintet - Vas-Y Voir [Sigma (3)]
Krzysztof Knittel - Lapis [Alma Art]
Joe Mcphee and John Snyder - Shadow Sculptures [Unheard Music Series / Atavistic]
Daniela Casa - Dimensione Astratta [Cacophonic]
Kunstkopfindianer - Adea [MPS Records]
Milan Grygar - Koláž [Supraphon]
Captain Beefheart - Dali’s Car [Straight Records]
Don Cherry, François Tusques, Bernard Guérin, J.-F. Jenny-Clark - La Maison Fille Du Soleil [Studio Scriptone Nantes]
Exmagma - Da-Da [Daily Records]
Jean Guérin - Triptik 2 [Futura Records]
Hugh Lawson - Pictures At An Exhibition [Soul Note]
Mashiko Sato - Andy Warhol [Cinevox]
Egisto Macchi - Janis Kounellis [Ayna]‎
Jean-Claude Vannier & Serge Gainsbourg - Paris n’existe pas [Not On Label]
Jean Dubuffet - L’Eau [The Met]
Bruno Spoerri and Betha Sarasin - Skulpturenklänge Fur Papa [Dead-Cert Home Entertainment]
Art Zoid - Les Fourmis [AZ Production Michel Besset]

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