Your host Antal is in Japan right now for the Rainbow Disco Festival so it's only logical he digged into his collection of favorite Japanese records and selected a bunch in a non-stop 2 hours mix. No talking this month. Just one lovely session for you to play and replay again and again! Enjoy this beautiful music from the land of the rising sun!

Junko ohashi - journey to the mind

Yutaka - breath of night

Sadao watanabe - pamoja

Tamami koyake - you wanna rain

Haruko kuwana - sundown

Kylyn - i’ll be there

Yumi matsutoya - a2

Cosmos - a5

Takanaka - chill me out

Native son - not so damn easy

Takanaka - sail on fire

Ryuichi sakamoto - a4

Tutu miharu koshi - scandal night

Kazumi watanabe - kago no nyuansu

Yukihiro takahashi - at speak easy club

Aragon - horridula

Imitation - exotic dance

Ryuichi sakamoto -& robin scott - once in a lifetime

Kazumi watanabe - a3

Terumasa hino - this planet is ours

Hiroshi suzuki - romance

Ishida-express I - china romance

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