Apifera: Visits

Tune in for a two hour show from Apifera.

Apifera is Yuval Havkin AKA Rejoicer (keys), Nitai Hershkovits (keys), Amir Bresler (drums) and Yonatan Albalak (bass). Named after a variety of bee-attracting orchid, Apifera create organic-sounding structures, harmonies and arrangements intended to reflect the rich variety and equilibrium of the natural world.

Apifera - Beyond The Sunrays (Yesterday's New Quintet)

Tesgue-Maryam Guebrou - The Homeless Wanderer

Stereolab - A Flower Called Nowhere

Air - Moon Fever

Apifera - Visions Fugitives Opus 22: 8. Commodo (Sergei Prokofiev)

Sven Wunder - Shinrinyoku

Aphex Twin - Piano un1 Arpej

Jameszoo, Metropole Orkest, Jules Buckley - (Flu)

Apifera - Plaistow Flex Out (Squarepusher)

Boards Of Canada - Over The Horizon Radar

Lowly - Baglaens

Lalo Schifrin - Danube Incident

Edvard Grieg - Lyric Pieces Op. 12: I.Arietta

Nitai Hershkovits - Marbled Theme

Ultraista - Gold Dayzz

Apifera - Half The Fun (Duke Ellington)

Rejoicer - California

Apifera - Psyche (Massive Attack)

Steve Reich - New York Counterpoint - I.Fast

Peggy Lee - Bali Ha'i

Apifera - Mood 1 "L.O.V.E Love" (Sunbear)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ministry Of Alienation

Oneohtrix Point Never - Long Road Home

Dungen - Alberto Balsalm (Aphex Twin)

Igor Stravinsky - The Fire Bird: Lullaby

Apifera - Énék Hamaguro

Albalak - Ghost Mantis

Yudko - Morning ★

Loving - Only She Knows

Flying Lotus, Laura Darlington - Auntie's LockInfinitum

Aka - Pygmies - Dikoboda Sombe (I)

Apifera - Gerçekten orada değilsin

Rejoicer - Not For Mammon feat. Amir Bresler

Yma Sumac - Ataypura!

Apifera - Iris One

Geshem - Lie To You

The Sweet Enoughs - Mysterious River Snake

Keren Dun, Nitai Hershkovits - Woman's Reach

Apifera - Pulse Opus 420

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