Artform Radio: Adrian Younge

Adrian Younge is the founder of The Artform Studio, along with his wife (and fellow Artform DJ) Sherry Younge. As a producer he is known for his meticulous approach and for his use of vintage analogue equipment to achieve a sound rooted in the classic recordings of the late 60s and early 70s. His DJ sets reflect this obsession with a moment in time, but also spill out across genres and eras. Adrian’s scholarly approach is imbued with the spirit of the archivist and historian, but his point of view is firmly on the pulse of modern America and his work is uncompromising and forthright.

Gal Costa - Pontos de luz

Joao bosco - Nada a desculpar

Quinteto ternura - Baby

Miguel de deus - Black soul brother

Silvio cesar - A festa

Orlandivo - Gueri

Tim maia - O grao mestre varonil

Hyldon - Na rua, na chuva, na fazendo

Tim maia, Elis regina - These are the songs

Eli’s regina - Triste

Cesar mariano - Fabrica

Marcos valle - Wanda Vidal

Claudia - Com mais de 30

Azymuth - Manha

Dom salvador - Rio

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