Artform Radio: J.Rocc

DJing since the mid 1980's, J Rocc played a huge part in the rise of instrumental Hip Hop, working along side J Dilla & Madlib, & releasing records on esteemed LA label, Stones Throw.

J.Rocc - Keep On (Yeah)

Axel F. (M.E.D. & J.Rocc) - Bonus 1

J.Rocc - All I Wanna Do (Remix / Original) f. Steve Arrington

" - Flawless (Raw) f. Frank Nitt

" - Flawless (Smoothed) f. Budgie

" - L.A. Anthem f. LMNO & Key Kool

Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Night

Roy Ayers - You've Got The Power (Flaunt Edwards Edit)

David Axelrod - A Divine Image

Billy Higgins - John Coltrane

Pharoah Sanders & Norman Connors - Casino Latino

J.Rocc - Commercial Break

" - Dancing With The Best

Prince - 17 Days (J.Rocc Remix)

J.Rocc - The End (N.T.P.)

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