Artform Radio: Jesse Nichols

Curator, promoter and creative mind Jesse Nichols with NAYMLIS is known for supporting an expansive roster of innovative musicians. Tune in for her selections for the next hour. Artform Radio is a storefront radio excursion, a diverse journey into forward thinking music, culture and ideas and a series of live broadcasts that will take place every Thursday from 12 PM to 8 PM (PST) / 8 PM to 4 AM (BST), coming to you from The Artform Studio in Los Angeles via Worldwide FM.

Sun Ra - I Am Strange

Samiyam - Dreams (Green Feelings)

Sybil - Don’t Make Me OVer

Peven Everett - Testin Me

Jaye P. Morgan - Can’t Hide Love

Land of the Loops - Day Late and a Dollar Short

Missy Elliot - Lick Shots

Zimbabwe Legit - Straight from the Mothership

Billy Stewart - Summertime

The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue

Romare - My Last Affair

Overmono - So U Kno

Cochemea - Burning Plain

Raf Riley - Summer (feat. Etta Bond, Avelino & Dun D)

Ivy Lab - ******

Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble - Now (Forever Momentary Space) [feat. Angel Bat Dawid]

Los Yesterdays - Mr. Yesterday

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