Artform Radio: Jesse Nichols

We continue our weekly shows from the heart of Los Angeles. Artform Radio is a storefront radio excursion, a diverse journey into forward thinking music, culture and ideas and a series of live broadcasts that will take place every Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM (PST) / 6 PM to 2 AM (BST), coming to you from The Artform Studio in Los Angeles via Worldwide FM.

Curator, promoter and creative mind Jesse Nichols with NAYMLIS is known for supporting an expansive roster of innovative musicians.

1. Darkhouse Family - The Offering
2. Itadi - Live In Another World
3. Sol Monk - Super Drums (feat. Avishai Cohen)
4. The Fall - Totally Wired
5. Oneohtrix Point Never - I Don’t Love Me Anymore
6. Shlohmo - Rock Music
7. Roska - Pree Me feat. なかむらみなみ
8. Anz - Unravel in the Designated Zone
9. Dauwd - Idris (Original Mix)
10. African Dream - Bayabelea
11. Free The Robots - Outta Sight
12. Westwood & Cash - Psycho For Your Love (original version)
13. July 7 - Bando
14. Sudan Archives - Nont For Sale
15. Stac - Balls Bounce (Bonobo Remix)
16. Estrella Morente - A Qué Niegas El Delirio (Malagueña)
17. Alicia Keys - Illusion Of Bliss
18. Lenny Kravitz - It Ain’t Over ’Til It’s Over (Home Demo)

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