Artform Radio: Sonrisita with Budgie

We continue our weekly shows from the heart of Los Angeles. Artform Radio is a storefront radio excursion, a diverse journey into forward thinking music, culture and ideas and a series of live broadcasts that will take place every Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM (PST) / 6 PM to 2 AM (BST), coming to you from The Artform Studio in Los Angeles via Worldwide FM.

In conversation with Sonrisita, producer Budgie uses personal narratives to thread together an assortment of tracks, from rare groove to lovers rock.

1. Lesette Wilson - Caveman Boogie
2. Allspice - Slipped Away
3. Maxi Anderson - Lover to Lover
4. Osamu Kitajima - Say You Will
5. Sir John Roberts - Do You Believe in Fate?
6. The Valentine Brothers - Just Let Me Be Close to You
7. Omar - I'm in Love
8. Cortez - Just Coolin' (Instrumental)
9. Marcus Miller - I Could Give You More
10. Tania Maria - Come With Me (Live)
11. Rhythm and Knowledge - U Bring Da Dog Out
12. AZ - Gimme Yours
13. João Gilberto - É Preciso Perdoar
14. The Hollies - Look at Life
15. Carroll Thompson - Merry-Go-Round

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