Astral Jam with Paula Tape // 14-07-20

Paula Tape is a Milan based Chilean artist known for her series of mixes that showcase her roots and her eclectic style blended with Italo disco and experimental sounds. Her latest release Agua Congas out on SOBO also represents her interest in percussive sounds and patterns. Tune in for an hour of Paula Tape’s odd rhythms and organic dance, from leftfield to electronica plus some rarities.

Pines in The Sun - Zig Zag Sea (Duncan Gray Remix) [Olimpiada Records]

Ubahnrider - Grandmaster Solaris [Ears on Earth]

Billy Bogus - Top Line [Pizzico Records]

Prins Emanuel - Gli Ornamenti (U20 Mix) [Fasaan]

Mary House - Ambient (Krishna) [Technology]

Malcolm McLaren - Call A Wave (Good Block Edit)

Adriano Calentano - Il Re Degli Ignoranti Good Block Edit)

Max Essa - Black Market Laundrette [Jansen Jardin]

D Faux - Cosmic Pachanga [Ears on Earth]

Amzonia - Amazonia (Dance version) [Polydor]

Anastasia Zems - Desire [Ears on Earth]

Jean Luc - Die Blaue Orange Pressen [Chez Emile]

DWART - Taipei Disco [Holuzam]

Westbam - Sentimental Scratching [Low spirit Recordings]

Ottmar Liebert - After The Rain [Higher Octave Music]

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