Balearic Breakfast: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy

On Tuesday’s Balearic Breakfast, we have an exclusive mix and interview with Balearic royalty: Phat Phil Cooper.

Dazzle Drums ‘Hope Bay’ (Humpback Remix)

Born Blonde ‘Radio Bliss’ (Seahawks Everything So Green Mix)

Fila Brazilia ‘Rankine’

Conclavé ‘Relax’ (Jenifa Mayanja Remix)

Joe Morris ‘A Dance with Jupiter’

Deep Dish ft Tracey Thorn ‘The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)’

Four Tet ‘Circling’

UNKLE ‘Trouble in Paradise (Variation on a Theme)’ (Carl Craig C2 Remix)

Phil Cooper from Nu Northern Soul Mix:

Saskia ‘You Left Your Soul Behind’

Brown Fang ‘HDMI Love You’ [NuNorthern Soul EXCLUSIVE]

Common Saints ‘Dreams’

Coyote ‘Freya's Song’ [NuNorthern Soul EXCLUSIVE]

Glenn Echo & Daniel Meinecke ‘Good Vibes’

Manrico & Nicola ‘Cara Più Di Un Angelo’ (Balearic Version)

JIM ‘Whisper In The Wind’ [BEGIN Remix] [NuNorthern Soul EXCLUSIVE]

Steve Hillage ‘Alone’

My Friend Dario ‘Fenice’ [NuNorthern Soul]

Steve Cobby ‘Settling Days’

Verdo ‘Second Trip’

Torn Sail ‘Disconnected’ (North Of The Island Remix) [NuNorthern Soul]

Quiroga ‘Chiaia Sunset’ (My Friend Dario Remix)

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