Balearic Breakfast with Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy // 20-10-20

Tune in as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, founder of Classic Album Sundays and the David Mancuso-indebted Lucky Cloud Loft Party in London presents her two hour morning show, Balearic Breakfast!

Jose Padilla ‘Walking On Air’

Joe Padilla ‘Que Bonito’

Andreas Vollenweider ‘Behind The Gardens – Behind the Wall’

The Blue Nile ‘The Downtown Lights’

Robert Plant ‘In The Mood’

Escape from New York ‘Fire in My Heart’

Mim Suleiman ‘Mingi’

Brenda Fassie ‘Mingi Mingi’ (Norman Jay Mix)

Faze Action ‘In The Trees’

Pino Daniele ‘Yes I Know I’m On My Way’

Joan Bibiloni ‘The Boogie’

The Songstress ‘See Line Woman’

Jose Padilla ‘Still Waters’

Toto ‘Georgy Porgy’

Marvin Gaye ‘Funky Space Reincarnation’

Brian Briggs ‘AEO’ Parts 1 & 2

Ozo ‘Anambra’

Jose Padilla ‘Adios Ayer’

The Monkees ‘The Porpoise Song’

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