Bom Carnaval! Charlotte Algar and Erica McKoy with Daniel Félix and Tânia Moreira // 13-02-21

Bom Carnaval! In this two-part show, Worldwide FM producer, programmer and resident samba obsessive Charlotte Algar is joined by Erica McKoy for a deep dive into all things carnaval brasileira. Although the celebrations will be somewhat muted this year, it’s an important time to pay homage to a culture that has birthed so much of the music we hold dear here at Worldwide FM. On this episode, Erica and Charlotte talk to Daniel Félix (pictured), a percussionist and Lisbloco mestre living in Lisbon, Portugal. They chat about the pedagogy of samba, Daniel’s musical blood and the cultural importance of carnaval. They are joined by São Paulo-based Tânia Moreira (pictured second from left and below), journalist, percussionist and founder of Batucada Feminina. T

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