Brainchild HQ with Suchi

Monthly discoveries and delights from the Brainchild team. Brainchild is an arts organisation celebrating emerging artists and DIY culture, best known for its award-winning festival. The Brainchild team share recent finds and favourites from the Brainchild community and beyond.

The Brainchild team are back after a whirlwind August putting on their 3 day Festival. Expect reflections and musical highlights from the event, end of summer sounds, all the usual goodness from the BC community and beyond, and a pumping mimimix from Daytimers' Suchi ahead of Brainchild’s Wrap Party at Colour Factory on the 25th of September! She’s joined by Poly-Ritmo, Shivum Sharma & Lagoon Femshayma, Maxwell Owin, Ifeoluwa & Poison Zcora for a big love in under one roof. Get your tickets here -

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