Brighter Days: DJ DR. TIONG // 09-10-20

Kamma & Masalo presenting the colourful depths of their record crates with Brighter Days. A two-hour show that is playfully traveling through their dance-floor go-to’s, recent digs and personal classics. A warm and energetic journey reflecting on the signs of the time with an uplifting message. For this episode they have invited DJ Dr. Tiong for a two-hour journey. He has been a frontier in fusing jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and electronic dance music in the Amsterdam scene and beyond since the late 70’s. Known for his exquisite taste and ever-expanding record collection, Dr. Tiong is a recurring guest DJ at the Brighter Days party nowadays. On a more personal note, he is also known as being Kamma’s Dad, so it was the obvious choice to have Dr. Tiong as their first guest on the show!

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