Brownswood Basement: Paul Bradshaw (Straight No Chaser) and Pedro Montenegro

Tune in as Paul Bradshaw (Straight No Chaser) and Pedro Montenegro stand in for Gilles Peterson this week, presenting a four hour morning show live from Brownswood Basement.

Lenny Costanza - Can't Get You Outa My Bed [Red Egyptian Records]
Joe Tossini And Friends - Sulla Luna [IEA Records / Joe Tossini Music]
Orlandivo - Onde Anda O Meu Amor [Copacabana]
Rafael Rocha - Refúgio [self released]
Cannonball Adderley - Salty Dogs [Fantasy]
Alquimia - Ensaio Nº2 [Lira Paulistana Gravadora E Editora]
Drugdealer - Fools [Mexican Summer]
natural bridges - I Apologize [Curly Cassettes]
Oruã - Outros Santos [self released]
Mitch & Mitch con il loro Gruppo Etereofonico - Alla Serenità [Jazzboy Records]
Lazzo - No Paraíso do Passo Ijexá [Pointer]
Golden Boys - Kumarê [Odeon]
Os Tincoãs - Deixa A Baiana Sambar [RCA Victor]
Free Sound Orchestra - Forgotten Tears [Som Livre]
Señor Coconut and his Orchestra - Kiss [[PIAS] Recordings]
Rodrigo Amarante - Maré [Polyvinyl Records]
Resavoir - Plight [Blue Note]
Byron Wallen - Closed Circle [Blue Note]
Matters Unknown feat. Miryam Solomon - Eloquence [Blue Note]
Angel Bat Dawid - RECORDARE-Recall The Joy [International Anthem]
Mac DeMarco - Portland [Mac's Record Label]
The Rolling Stones - Heaven [Rolling Stones Records]
Nina Becker - Grão de Sal [YB Music]
natural bridges - Bad Times [Curly Cassettes]
Kassin, Chiara Banfi & Thomás Jagoda - Amor Perfeito [BarKino]
Stéphane San Juan feat. Clotaire K - Les Êtres Humains [Pommelo Distribuições]
Amadou & Mariam - Djagnèba [Polydor]
ÀIYÉ - Onda [Balaclava Records]
Josyara - Melancia [Deckdisc]
Asher & Trimble - Humble Yourself [Rockers International]
The Versatiles - Stronger Strong [Soul Sounds]
Yabby You - King of Kings (Oh City of Zion) (Dubplate Mix) [Prophets]
Sun Ra Quartet feat. John Gilmore - The Sky Is A Sea of Darkness When There Is No Sun [Art Yard Records]
Angel Bat Dawid - Through Spirituals, through the Blues, then through Jazz we made a memory of our past and a promise of all to come [International Anthem]
Lao Dan - Modesty in Creator's Light [Old Heaven Books]
Hippo Sound System feat. K.O.G. & Tom Excell - Healing [Galletas Calientes Records]
Mausiki Scales feat. Sandra Izsadore - Nana Afrika [Tippin' da Scales Music]
Ofege - Nobody Fails [EMI / Tidal Waves Music]
Dave Okumu And The Seven Generations - Blood Ah Go Run [Transgressive]
Ava Mendoza - Sun Gun [Relative Pitch Records]
Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin - Sala Sala [Jarring Effects]
Bantu Spaceship - Mhondoro [Nyami Nyami Records]
Robson Banda And The New Black Eagles - Ngoma Ngairire [Kumusha]
Youssou Ndour feat. Toumani Diabaté - Mbeugël Is All (Version remix) [self released]
Baaba Maal & Daande Lenõl - Daande Lenõl [Mango]
The Quiet Ones feat. Luedji Luna - Tentação [Pequeno Imprevisto]
cøelho & iara - Caboclo [BarKino]
Naima Bock - Lines [Memorials of Distinction / Sub Pop]
Negro Leo feat. MAY TUTI - RELA [QTV Selo]

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