Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson

Tune in as Gilles Peterson presents a two hour morning show live from Brownswood Basement.

Stewart Lee - Pea Green Boat (part 2) [Go Faster Stripe]
Ian Finkelstein - Ago-Ra [Freak Press]
Fabiano do Nascimento feat. Arthur Verocai & Vitor Santos e Orquestra - Solo As Onze (Noite Suite) [Now-Again Records]
Fafá de Belém - Gostoso [Philips]
Michael Franks - On My Way Home To You [Warner Bros. Records]
Tatsu Yamashita - Rainy Walk [Air Records]
Toshio Matsuura Group - Change [Brownswood Recordings]
Vincent Geminiani - Insidieusement Les Elfes [Musique Pour L'Image]
Romaal Kultan - One Moment Please [Personal Discs]
João Donato - Amazonas (Keep Talking) [Odeon]
Jazzmatic - Music À 7 [MD]
Life Cycle - Wakanimea (Autumn Leaves) [ICR]
Panache - Jam On (vocals included) [Roché Records]
STR4TA - City Sounds (Demus Dub) [Brownswood Recordings]
Pedrinho Sampaio - Manaus [Remada]
Wally Badarou - One Day, Won't Give It Away [Riviera LM Recording System / Barclay]
The Jazz Defektors - Another Star [CBS / Sony]
Onward International - Samba Doo Boonay [Paladin]
Vincent Casino Et Son Orchestre Typique Avec Oscar Lopez - Mambo De Paris [Club National Du Disque]
Jaomal Kiamat - Trang Trang Kolentrang [Bali Records]
Milt Robinson - What It Is [self-released]
Apollo Troubadors - Samurai Warrior [Kala Loo]
Osaka Monaurail feat. Casey Malone - Do You Really Want To Rescue Me [Ubiquity]
Holland-Dozier feat. Brian Holland - Can't Get Enough [Invictus]

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