Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Nik Weston and Richard Russell

Tune in as Gilles Peterson presents a four hour morning show live from Brownswood Basement. Today Gilles is joined by Nik Weston from Mukatsuku Records and Richard Russell, that releases today his new Everything Is Recorded album, Winter Solstice.

William Parker - Domingo
Organic Pulse Ensemble - Zither Suite
Kiledjian - Father Sky (Meditation)
Alpha & Omega - Dub Unto Me
Brother Resistance - Tonite Is The Nite
Embryo - I Like To Make Love
Afrodesia - Meet In Tunis
Sai Galaxy feat. Kaivili - Sometimes It Rains
Bobby Bazini - Waterfallin' (Gilles Peterson Remix)
JIM - Phoenix (X-Press 2 On Fire Remix)
O'Donel Levy - Joni
The Jeff Lorber Fusion - Sparkle
Michael Franks - Down In Brazil
Michael Franks - Jardine Botanico
Michael Franks - On My Way Home To You
Akiko Yano - Kodomo Tachi (To Ki Me Ki)
Jazz Collective - Velvet (unreleased exclusive version)
Gagle / DJ Mitsu The Beats - Vanta Black
Espen Horne feat. Faye Houston - Bakeren (instrumental)
Shuya Okino - Still In Love (Exclusive Nik Weston & Rudy's Midnight Machine Epic Strings Version)
OMAR - It's So
Echoes of A New Dawn Orchestra - Substream
Michael Boothman - What You Won't Do For Love
Nuovi Fratelli with Nimbus Sextet featuring Russell Stewart and Iissappear - Searching (full length version)
Roy Ayers feat. Carla Vaughn - Mystic Voyage
Takuya Kuroda - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Joe Armon-Jones Remix)
Hiatus Kaiyote - Everything's Beautiful
Jim White - Names Make The Name
R.A.P. Ferreira & Fumitake Tamura feat. Hprizm - begonias
Everything Is Recorded - Covering The Whole of The Sky
cabezadenego, Mbé & Leyblack - Roda
Yoanson and Karamie - African Leaders
The Sorcerers - She Who Perceives The Sounds Of The World
Sensational Roots - Calypso Zest
Os Devaneios - A Beleza é Você Menina
Kiledjian feat. Celia Wa - Dlo
Everything Is Recorded - Mackerel Sky, Fish Scales, Psychedelics, Calisthenics, Handstands
Everything Is Recorded - Brilliant White
Jesse and Forever - pastel

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