Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Enji, Joaquim Paulo and Paul Bradshaw

Tune in as Gilles Peterson presents a four hour morning show live from the Basement.

Brownswood Basement 22/02/2024

Kahil El' Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – All Blues

Lassy - Eskola – Cross - Atlantic Connection

Jimi Tenor – My Mind

Juju – Clã Samba

Goma-Laca feat. Juçara Marçal & Russo Passapusso – Cala Boca Menino

Black Sugar – Viajecito

Michael Franks – Amazon

Sade – Paradise

Man Power & Rapasa Nyatrapasa – Luo Land

Ibaaku – Bukut

Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru – Ready To Leave

Church Chords – Warriors of Playtime

Joel Ross – ya know?

Kirk Lightsey Trio feat. Freddie Hubbard – Gibraltar (alternate take)

Michael Franks – On My Way Home To You

Mary McCreary – Butterflies In Heaven

The Kazu Matsui Project featuring Robben Ford – Time Flies

Smoke City – I Really Want You

Michael Franks – I Really Hope It's You

Victor Assis Brasil – Simplesmente

José Casimiro – Morti Sta Bidjâcu

Fischer – Cosmic Blues

Bam Jam Band – Theme

Duo Ouro Negro – Dança do Robalinho - Part 1

Enji – Vogl [live in session]

Enji – Uzegdel [live in session]

Enji – Picture/Three Shadows [live in session]

Enji – Zavkhan [live in session]

Cymande – Dove

Kahil El' Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Ornette

Moor Mother feat. Lonnie Holley & Raia Was – GUILTY

Muriel Grossmann – Absolute Truth

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