Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Robert Luis

Tune in for a four hour extended morning show from Gilles Peterson, live from Brownswood Basement.

This week Gilles pays tribute to the great jazz flautist and artist Lloyd McNeill, and is joined by the boss of Tru Thoughts, Rob Luis, to talk about the prestigious label that has been a stalwart of UK music since 1999.

Jeff Parker - Suffolk [International Anthem]

Tech Trax Inc - State Of The Art (Automated Mix) [Nu Groove]

Tech Trax Inc - State Of The Art (Unautomated Mix) [Nu Groove]

Bitchin Bajas - Space Is The Place [Drag City Records]

Lloyd McNeill - Elegiac Suite For Elizabeth [Baobab Record co]

The Lloyd McNeill Quartet - Asha [Asha Recording Co]

Dom Um Romão - Ponteio [Muse Records]

Dom Um Romão - Cinnamon Flower [Muse Records]

Lloyd McNeill - Elegiac Suite For Elizabeth [Baobab Record co]

Lloyd McNeill - Salvation Army [Soul Jazz Records]

The Lloyd McNeill Quartet - Home Rule [Asha Recording Co]

Earl Young - Take Them In Prayer [Athens Of The North]

Spiders Webb - Spiders Webb [Fantasy Records]

Isis - Bobbi & Maria Pt. 1 [Buddah Records]

Funk Deluxe - This Time [Salsoul Records]

Skyy - High [Salsoul Records]

Rafael Cameron - If [Plaza Records]

Ensemble Of Rhythm & Art - Pelican Fantasy [Matsuli]

Spirits Rejoice - Sugar Pie [Matsuli]

Ebi Soda - Duhrenger [Tru Thoughts]

Ebi Soda - Resent [Tru Thoughts]

Bonobo - Terrapin [Tru Thoughts]

Sly 5th Ave - Super Rich Kids [Tru Thoughts]

Martina Topley Byrd - Poison (Quantic Version) [Unreleased]

Alice Russell - Heartbreaker [Tru Thoughts]

Anchorsong - Common Ground [Tru Thoughts]

Quantic & Alice Russell ft. The Combo Bárbaro - Look Around The Corner [Tru Thoughts]

Sun Ra - Where Pathways Meet [Philly Jazz]

Ty - Let's Start [Tru Thoughts]

Maddslinky - Further Away ft. Tawiah [Tru Thoughts]

Zedd Bias ft. Omar - Dancing [Tru Thoughts]

WheelUP ft. Abacus - Rise Above [Tru Thoughts]

Afronaught - How It Goes [Tru Thoughts]

Flowdan - Welcome To London [Tru Thoughts]

London Posse - How's Life In London [Bullett Records]

Sly5thave & Roberto Verástegui - Interludio 1 [Tru Thoughts]

Sly5thave & Roberto Verástegui - El Momento [Tru Thoughts]

Palm Skin Productions - The Sword Will Die [Tru Thoughts]

Rebecca Vasmant - Dance Yourself Free [Tru Thoughts]

Organized Konfusion - Open Your Eyes [Hollywood BASIC]

The Syndicut - Tell Me Why [Virgin]

Anushka - Bad Weather (STR4TA Remix) [Tru Thoughts]

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