Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson w/ Sean O'Hagan (High Llamas), Bukky Leo and Jowee Omicil

Tune in as Gilles Peterson presents a four hour morning show live from the Basement.

On today's show Gilles is joined by Sean O'Hagan from the High Llamas for a live session and Bukky Leo and Jowee Omicil for a chat!

Mary Lou Williams - Scorpio
Mal Waldron - All Alone
Studio G - Flower Garden
Eddie Marcon - Toratolian
Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes - Circle
Jim Rafferty - I See Red
Thom Yorke - Prize Giving
Rich Ruth - No Muscle, No Memory
Geraldo Vandre - Vem, Vem
David Lee Jr. - Love Parable
Stereolab - Metronomic Underground
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - The Black Five
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Hey Uh-What You Say Come On
Ezra Collective - Ajala
Lass feat. David Walters - Rano
Ronnie April's Positive Energy - Snowflake
Frank Noviello - I've Know Rivers
The Earthsouls - Across The Tracks
Jowee Omicil - Gilles Peterson Flow [live in the studio]
Jowee Omicil - Sit-In
Jowee Omicil - Walk In Peterson's Feet [live in the studio]
Jowee Omicil - Lament 4 Ayiti
Albert Ayler - Music Is The Healing Force of The Universe
Jowee Omicil - BasHquiat intrO
Jowee Omicil - Call To Warzone
Jowee Omicil - AmBusKad
Keith Jarrett - Nomads [with some live sax by Jowee Omicil]
Jowee Omicil - If Keith [live in the studio]
Guts feat. Jowee Omicil - Voyaging Bird
Aldorande - Beauty Island
Kamasi Washington feat. André 3000 - Dream State
Scuba - Tress Cun Deo La (Original Version by Shi Dakenfull)
Leo Farenji - Future Generation (Club Mix)
Bukky Leo & Black Egypt - Skeleton (Gilles P Beach Mix)
The Bukkyleo Quintet - Rejoice In Righteousness
The Bukkyleo Quintet - Happy Faces
Bukky Leo & Black Egypt - Precious Mother
Tom Ze - Defect 2: Curiosidade (High Llamas Remix)
High Llamas - Hey Panda
High Llamas - Toriafan [live in session]
High Llamas - Jackie [live in session]
High Llamas - Bach Ze [live in session]
Sean O'Hagan - Clearing House
Ana Frango Elétrico - Chocolate
King Krule - When Vanishing
Paul Weller - Sleep On The Serene

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