Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson

Tune in for an extended morning show from Gilles Peterson, coming to you from Brownswood Basement.

As the year draws to a close, Gilles runs through recent releases from the end of 2021, as he gears up for selecting the best records of the year.

Jeff Parker - Suffolk [International Anthem]

Ill Considered - Coventry Carol [New Soil]

Enji - I'm Glad There Is You [Squama]

Jun Miyake - 1979 [P-Vine]

Calos Niño - Pleasewakeupalittlefaster, please [IARC]

Sefi Zisling - The Sky Sings (Menor's Extended Dub Mix) [Tru Thoughts]

The Charmels - As Long As I've Got You [Volt]

Lady Wray - Through It All [Big Crown Records]

Pokus -Pokus One [Pokus Music]

SR4TA - City Sounds [Brownswood]

Brainstorm - The Visitor [Tabu Records]

Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Company - Take Some Time [Epic]

David Sanborn - Theme From "Love Is Not Enough" [Rhino Records]

Lorez Alexandra - Send In The Clowns [Trio Records]

Louis Hayes - Arab Arab [Timeless Records]

Kumi Sasaki - Kuroda Bushi ft. Muro [Victor]

Alexander Flood - Nostalgia [Stretch Music]

Muva Of Earth - Divine Ascension [Not On Label]

Binker & Moses - Feed Infinite ft. Max Luthert [Gearbox Records]

Dave De Rose & Dan Nicholls - Grey Leaved Sage [Dave De Rose Music]

Ezra Collective & Novelist - More Than A Hustler [Enter The Jungle]

Fatnotronic - É um Barato [Razor & Tape]

Galathea - Samba Sausalito [Space Echo Records]

Magic Twins - Desde El Mar [GAMM]

Zeca Do Trombone - Te Queria [Altercat]

Tommy Stewart - Bump & Hustle Music [Luv N Haight]

Jaze Baqti - Imago Mundi [Not On Label]

Ian Simmonds - Air To Breathe [Art Yard]

Class Compliance - Quadra

Freddie Hubbard - The 7th Day [Impulse!]

David Amram & Friends - En Memoria De Chano Pozo [Elektra Musician]

Hampton Hawes & Curtis Fuller - Five Spot [Status]

Louis Banks' Sangam - Rama [CBS]

Mieko Hirota - Step Across That Line [CBS/Sony]

Alex Malheros - Teragramas Para Arp [Far Out Recordings]

Cherelle - Saturday Love (Danny Krivit Edit) [Mr K Edits]

Linda Dawn - Roses (XL Middleton Version) [Extra Soul Perception]

Cleo Sol - Don't Let Me Fall [Forever Living Originals]

Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton - Blues For Hari [Discovery]

Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton - Blues For Hari [Impulse!]

Dave Pike Set - Mathar [MPS Records]

Poets Of Thought - The Rhyme Goes On [Earth]

William S. Fischer - Patience Is a Virtue [Embryo Records]

Eugene McDaniels - Cherrystones [Atlantic]

Joanne Grauer & Lorraine Feather - See You Later [MPS]

Brylho - Se Você For A Salvador [Disco E Cultura]

Vaudou Game - La Vie C’est Bon [Hot Casa Records]

Tamiko Jones - Can't Live Without Your Love [Polydor]

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